Drowsy Driving

While drowsy driving may not seem as dangerous as other behaviors behind the wheel, such as drunk driving or distracted driving, an article from the National Sleep Foundation emphasizes that “drowsy driving is dangerous because sleep deprivation can have similar effects on your body as drinking alcohol.” Indeed, when a person is awake for 18… Read More

Workers Comp

If you get hurt on the job in Oklahoma, you may be eligible to seek workers’ compensation benefits. When we think about some of the most workplace injuries, we often think of accidents that happen at construction sites, such as falls from heights, or slip and fall accidents that occur in restaurants, healthcare facilities, and… Read More

Who is most likely to be involved in a distracted driving accident in Tulsa, Oklahoma? The answer might not be the most likely one. Many Oklahoma residents assume that teen drivers are at greatest risk for an accident due to regular use of smartphones for talking and texting. While teens can be at great risk… Read More